Suburban Herbal+ is a small artisan endeavor of Nancy Welliver ND, a practicing naturopathic physician of 25 years who has been developing a deep understanding of herbs and natural ways of healing and living for over 40 years. All of the herbal products  are grown and produced on her suburban lot just north of Seattle or a neighbor’s land.

An extension of the “urban farming” movement to raise food on urban and suburban land, Suburban Herbal+ provides locally produced, small batch premium products. Through our educational arm, Community School of Natural Therapeutics (http://www.communityschoolofnaturaltherapeutics.com),  we encourages families to recognize and raise herbal medicines on their suburban land, and provide continuing education to health professionals.

Dr. Welliver promotes plant biodiversity and the use of native plants to ensure the biodiversity of all forms of life in our local environments. She deeply believes in “Eat local, heat local, and treat local”, as a way of life, encouraging local small scale and micro farms and heating sources.

She has lived on her suburban lot for over 13 years, utilizing only natural, organic methods. Building the quality of the soil is her number one goal, as that ensures a healthy foundation for all! The plant communities that she harvests from are communities she has lived with for many years, really they are part of the family!

Does this level of relationship instill a deeper, more resonant healing capacity in her products? Who knows, but the relationships with the plants certainly have been healing for her! The micro-scale of the endeavor does allow for greater attention to the product from seed to packaging, making Suburban Herbal+ products unique.

And what is the “+” all about? As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Nancy’s interests include all natural therapeutics. She is a student of the history and breadth of medicine, researching what has sustainably worked for health and disease throughout time and culture. Water, herbs, earth medicines (clays, and salts), enjoyable movement, whole foods, and life balance (purpose, connection, relationship, Love, creativity and rest) are all promoted in her practice, and will be available here at Suburban Herbal+ in the form of products and trainings.